Psychotherapy in Salford

Clare McFarlane UKCP-Reg./Reg. MBACP (Accred.)

Counselling, Psychotherapy and Supervision in Salford, Greater Manchester

What's the cost and length of therapy sessions?

Therapy sessions last for 50 minutes and my current charge is £60 per session.

I review my charges in April each year, but undertake not to put up fees for “new” clients within a year of our initial contracting session.

What if I cancel a session at short notice?

My full fee is payable for sessions cancelled with less than a week's notice. I will explain fully my charges and cancellation policy at our initial meeting, so that you have all the information that you need in order to decide whether to commit to therapy or supervision with me. There's more detail on the Practicalities page.

How often would we meet for counselling or psychotherapy?

We would meet on a weekly basis. I find that regular contact (at the same time each week) most effectively supports change and the process of therapy itself.

How long will I need to come for therapy?

It's not possible to answer this question without knowing more about you and your circumstances, and this is an area that we'd need to explore in our initial session. You can, however, get more idea of some of the options available on the Therapy page.

What about confidentiality?

Usually therapy and supervision is confidential, other than in the context of my own supervision. Supervision is mandatory for all practitioners registered and accredited by BACP/UKCP/GPTI (go to the Links page for more). It's intended to ensure that I am offering the highest possible standard of practice to clients and supervisees, and to support accountability in relation to ethical principles and practice. There are, however, circumstances in which practitioners are required to break confidentiality (e.g. where someone is at risk of serious and imminent harm). You are invited to raise any concerns or questions that you have about confidentiality at our initial session, where I will also provide a written contract that includes information about the limits of confidentiality.

How do I know if I need counselling or psychotherapy? And what's the difference anyway?

Even within the therapy profession, there isn't consensus on the use of the terms “counselling” and “psychotherapy”, and practitioners can use each term in a variety of different ways. Add to the mix a more recent term — “psychotherapeutic counselling” — and it's easy to see why confusion abounds!

I trained, qualified and accredited as a counsellor, then underwent psychotherapy training and registration, which broadened and deepened my range as a practitioner. (More detail about my background can be found on the About Me page). I also engage in Continual Professional Development in order to enhance my practice. I take a pragmatic approach to the use of the terms “counselling” and “psychotherapy” when working with clients. So, at our initial session, we would explore what may suit you best in terms of length, depth and pace of work and come to an agreement — a “therapeutic contract” — about the focus and nature of our work. I'd draw upon whatever skills and training felt most appropriate to the unique situation of each client and the contract that we had agreed.

As we go along, we'd also be checking how you were finding this approach. I'd be inviting you to consider such questions as “How's the balance of support and challenge?” “Are you getting what you want?” and, if not, “What might we do differently together that would support change?”

Do you only work with Gestalt supervisees?

No, I work with supervisees working within modalities different from my own. My model of supervision is relational/integrative/field-theoretical. Do go to the Supervision page for more about this and my supervision charges.

Where do you work?

I offer counselling, psychotherapy and supervision from premises in Salford, Greater Manchester. For more details, check out the Practicalities page.

Do you have week-end and evenings appointments available?

No. I offer sessions during working hours on week days.

What next?

Do with your initial enquiry, or go to the Contact page to find out more.

I look forward to hearing from you.