Psychotherapy in Salford

Clare McFarlane UKCP-Reg./Reg. MBACP (Accred.)

Counselling and Psychotherapy Supervision in Salford, Greater Manchester

My name is Clare McFarlane and I offer clinical supervision to counsellors and psychotherapists in Salford, Greater Manchester.

Supervision with me

On this page, I've tried to address questions specifically related to supervision. Do take a look at the About me, and Therapy pages for a broader sense of how I work. You are also welcome to for further information or go to the Contact page if you would like to arrange to speak on the phone. I offer all prospective supervisees a 45-minute “mutual assessment” session.

Support to change; support with change.

Maria Gilbert and Ken Evans write of: “The primacy of the psychotherapeutic and the supervisory relationship as the medium or container for change”.

I also see relationship as at the heart of supervision, and enjoy working with qualified counsellors and psychotherapists who share a relational approach (Person-Centred, Integrative, Music Therapy, etc.), alongside those wanting supervision for their Gestalt practice.

Difference, inclusion and diversity

I'm committed to working with difference — whether manifest in learning style, the developmental stage of the practitioner or modality — in a dialogic and relational way. I'd like for us to co-create a supervisory alliance in which it's possible to explore diversity in its many forms (e.g. culture, sexual orientation, energetic levels or loyalty to a particular football team!) and notice what meanings we attribute to difference. This territory can be shame-inducing for both supervisor and supervisee, as we get in touch with the “Us/Them” and “More/Less Than” messages often linked to prejudice at an implicit level. However, I'm in agreement with Dr. Mckenzie-Maringa's view that it's only by finding “ways of making mistakes” together in this tricky territory that we will move towards deeper inclusivity in our work and as a society.

The wider field

Both therapy and supervision take place within and are inextricably linked to a wider context; global, political, and organisational, to name but a few facets of a multi-dimensional “field”. Then there is our situation closer to home; our current intimate relationships, our history, how much economic resource we have available to us, etc. All of this we bring to the supervisory relationship, implicitly if not explicitly. Supervision can be a space in which we can start to “map” the field in a way that can be of service to our clients.

For example, one day when sitting with a (fictional) supervisee, I notice a feeling of irritation which is unfamiliar. I share my observation with her. It may be that the supervisee quickly connects to her own feelings of irritation towards her client. But, just as likely, this experience may more correctly be attributed to a different aspect of the “field”.........her feeling “picked on” by her agency having slept interrupting her........... the client's unacknowledged frustration with his therapist......the possibilities are infinite!

However, the better we “know” ourselves and our shadow side, the more we are able to use this information in a way that supports us when with clients.


Gestalt is an inherently integrative model and I draw upon research and ideas from outside my own modality in order to enhance my approach. For example, I'm particularly interested in relational trauma and dissociation, “implicit knowing” and embodiment, and draw upon the work of Bromberg, Stern and the Sensorimotor approach to support my work in these areas.

Supervision Qualifications and Accreditations

I am a qualified (Diploma in Clinical Supervision, EGI) and UKCP-registered supervisor. I'm also a Registered MBACP (Accred.) counsellor and UKCP-Registered psychotherapist.


I charge £60 per hour for clinical supervision. To find out more, do go to the Practicalities page.

What next?

If you're thinking of coming to see me, and you live within reach of Salford, Greater Manchester, there are location details on the Practicalities page.

You can find out more about Gestalt therapy via the Links page.